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San Joaquin County Traffic Tickets

San Joaquin County is one of the first counties to be incorporated in California. Its location in the Central Valley is home to a number of postcard-worthy landmarks, including the Lodi Arch, the San Joaquin River Bridge at Mossdale Crossing, and the downtown Stockton waterfront. The San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge provides a home for native wildlife and endangered species, including Swainson’s Hawks and Aleutian cackling geese.

Stockton is the county seat of San Joaquin County. The Stockton police came under fire for their aggressive approach to traffic enforcement when they detained a member of the City Council for a red light violation because she “rolled through stoplights.” While the council member wrote on her Facebook page that the officer made an “honest mistake,” the police department was upset that she criticized the officer after the police union had donated thousands of dollars to her election campaign. The council member denied committing any traffic violation while others wonder whether the Stockton police engaged in racial profiling.

You can pay San Joaquin County traffic tickets online (or even at certain supermarkets and drugstores), but you should never do that without receiving advice from a traffic ticket expert. Whether you receive a speeding ticket, a DUI, or find yourself accused of any other traffic offense, a traffic ticket experts who is familiar with San Joaquin County can help you fight back in ways that might keep points from being assessed against your California driver’s license.