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San Luis Obispo County Traffic Ticket Experts

If you have ever been issued a traffic ticket in San Luis Obispo County, you know that getting it resolved can be both costly and frustrating, especially if you try to contest it. Making your way through the red tape of fighting a traffic ticket doesn’t seem to be worth the effort and hassle for most people. Hiring a traffic ticket expert in San Luis Obispo County to help contest the ticket for you can be the difference between winning and losing.

San Luis Obispo County is a region of awe inspiring scenery with its wineries, incredible architecture and surrounding mountain peaks. It’s easy to roll through a stop sign or run a red light when you’re distracted by the gorgeous year round weather or checking out one of the more than 30 landmarks and properties throughout the region which are on the National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t consider these types of things to be valid reasons for violating traffic regulations.

Whether driving through one of San Luis Obispo County’s beautiful cities or among the rolling landscape of the wine country, traffic tickets are bound to happen. When they do, that’s when it’s time to call on an expert. Our traffic ticket experts have successfully fought more than 10,000 traffic tickets throughout the state of California since 2008. They have saved thousands of people just like you from points on their driver’s licenses, outrageous fines and fees, traffic school, and insurance premium increases.

San Luis Obispo Traffic Tickets can be Challenged

Did you know that the total fine and fees for running a red light in San Luis Obispo County can cost anywhere from $237 to over $1,000? Contesting the ticket can cost you even more than that if the judge doesn’t see things your way. Speeding, rolling stops, seat belt and cell phone violations, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle… the list of possible traffic violations can go on and on, and they all can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to take care of, whether you simply pay the fine or contest the ticket.

So why wouldn’t you call in an expert to handle the red tape for you, especially when it can be done at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it all yourself? Our traffic ticket experts know the nuances of fighting traffic tickets effectively and efficiently. Fighting traffic tickets is all they do. They know what they’re doing and do it for less than what it would cost for you to pay the fine or fight the ticket yourself. We are so confident that our experts can successfully contest your traffic ticket that if it doesn’t get dismissed, you will receive a full refund. No one does it better!