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San Mateo County Traffic Tickets

How frustrating is it when you are driving home after a long day at work or with the kids and a traffic officer pulls you over? It’s even more frustrating when you feel the ticket was unjustified.

It happens to nearly everyone and most of us just bite the bullet, feel there is little alternative and cough up the hundreds of dollars in fines. Others take time off from work and go to traffic court, wait several hours for their case to be called and pray that the ticketing officer does not appear. In most cases he or she does and you end up pleading guilty or pleading with the judge who has heard it all before.

Once your violation is completely dismissed by our knowledgeable experts, the following will happen:

  • No points on your driving record  
  • No fines or a fine drastically reduced  
  • No jail  
  • Keep your license  
  • No effect on your insurance  
  • Also, how about reasonable attorneys’ fees so that hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is exceptionally cost effective?

Expert Traffic Ticket Defense

A California traffic ticket in San Mateo County can cause considerable headaches, not only on your wallet but on insurance. If you have too many points, you lose your license. Some convictions like a DUI mean loss of your license, possible jail, impoundment of your car and possible installation of an ignition interlock system. For commercial drivers, a DUI or other serious traffic violation can mean loss of license and a lucrative career.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers have been representing clients in traffic and criminal court for years, gaining insights and the skills that can sway a judge or jury to accept reasonable doubt and dismiss charges or find a defendant not guilty. In many of our cases, we plea bargain misdemeanors to infractions or other charges with reduced fines, no jail and no loss of license.

One of our most effective tools is Trial by Declaration, an option where no court appearance is required. One of our expert attorneys presents a professionally prepared statement to the court, supported by photographs or other documents that has convinced the San Mateo traffic court judges to dismiss our client’s charges. But even if we do not win out, we can still prepare your case for a court trial where your traffic ticket lawyer’s knowledge of the area, law and ability to challenge proper law enforcement procedure, accuracy of a speed gun, breathalyzer or other device often carries the day.

We have successfully challenged these types of traffic offenses:

  • Unsafe lane change  
  • Red light camera ticket  
  • Speeding  
  • Illegal U-turn  
  • Wrong way on a divided highway  
  • Driving on a suspended license  
  • Driving with no insurance  
  • Equipment violations 
  • Commercial vehicle equipment and weight or load violations 
  • Reckless driving

Trust your wallet and your traffic ticket defense to the experts. Call us today and see what Traffic Ticket Experts can do for you.

We help drivers fight their traffic tickets in cities throughout San Mateo County.