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Santa Clara County Traffic Tickets

San Jose lies in the heart of Silicon Valley with various tech companies and private investment companies making it and Santa Clara County its home. Severe traffic is no stranger to this area with Interstates 880, 280, 680 and 101 running through and around this heavily populated area.

But whether you are a high tech executive, software programmer, student or business person, all traffic violations and their penalties apply to you. It is easy to get a traffic citation, from switching lanes in traffic, getting confused at a construction area, easing into the car pool lane for just a minute to running late for work. Traffic cops are on the lookout for any traffic violation.

If you do get cited, consider whether you want to pay the hundreds of dollars in fines and costs, get points on your driving record and have your insurance premiums shoot up, or if it is cost effective to hire a traffic ticket lawyer who is an expert in traffic law?

Contest Your Ticket at an Affordable Price

At Ticket Snipers, we offer you a local, highly experienced traffic ticket expert that is no stranger to the courtroom, knows the Santa Clara County area intimately and the various traffic devices used by law enforcement and cities to nab motorists.

Because we handle large numbers of cases and are able to resolve most quickly and satisfactorily, we are able to charge affordable fees that nearly anyone on a budget can afford. Our expert traffic experts are able to:

  • Get tickets dismissed  
  • Plea bargain down to infractions 
  •  Reduce fines considerably  
  • Avoid points on your driving record  
  • Keep your driver’s license

Types of Traffic Violations that We handle

  • Illegal U-turn  
  • Unsafe lane change  
  • Red light camera ticket  
  • Stop Sign
  • Speeding  
  • Various equipment violations for passenger and commercial vehices  
  • Failure to appear in court  
  • Sign violations  
  • Many others

Get an Expert on Your Side

There are numerous defenses available in a traffic violation case. Red light cameras are not infallible, nor are speed guns or breathalyzers.

Defenses involve improper or obscured signage, that you made an honest mistake or that you were legally justified in your actions. We will prepare a Trial by Declaration statement for you outlining your defenses, along with charts, witness statements or other documentary evidence to support your case. We get numerous tickets dismissed at this early stage with no court appearances necessary.

If we do not prevail, we can still ask for a court trial and will prepare the evidence to support your case as well as attack the observations, credibility or procedures used by the ticketing or arresting officer. Many of our cases are plea bargained to infractions or other less serious offense, enabling our clients to pay far less in fines, have no points assessed and leave their insurance premiums unchanged.

Call us today and see what an affordable, traffic ticket expert can do for you!