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Santa Cruz County Traffic Tickets

Did you just get another ticket?

Is the DMV threatening to suspend your license?

Was the ticket you got unjustified?

You can fight your ticket in court, but do you know what to do or say? Can you afford to take off work and spend hours in traffic court waiting for your case to be called before a judge who is largely unsympathetic? You do have a choice by hiring a seasoned Traffic Ticket expert from Santa Cruz County and the fees are often less than the cost of the ticket fine. And you probably do not have to appear in court.

Why are the Fees so Reasonable?

The fees we charge make it highly cost effective to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. Our lawyers handle numerous traffic cases each month and we are able to resolve the majority of these in an expeditious manner with results our clients love. If you have received an infraction in Santa Cruz County let one of our veteran traffic ticket experts prepare your defense.

We handle many different kinds of traffic violations. A sample includes:

  • Speeding 
  • Unsafe lane change 
  • Car pool lane violation 
  • Stop sign violation 
  • Red light camera tickets 
  • Driving on a suspended license 
  • Failure to give license, registration and insurance at an accident 
  • Racing 
  • Driving the wrong way on a divided highway 
  • DUI-misdemeanor and felony  
  • Equipment violations 
  • Illegal U-turn

What Do Traffic Ticket Experts Do to Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket?

A traffic ticket expert will quickly assess your case and prepare a defense based on photographs, chart of the area, witness testimony and your version of the facts. Many traffic devices are not maintained properly, nor are roadways or signs. You may have been justified in your actions so as to avoid an accident or the conditions were such that a ticket should not have been issued. We prepare a statement in a Trial by Declaration with supporting documents without the need for a court appearance. Our attorneys often have tickets dismissed in this manner.

If not, we can file a request for court trial where we will appear, fully prepared to cross-examine the officer and present whatever defenses are applicable to your case. In many instances, the prosecutor will agree to a plea bargain where you pay a minimal fine, have no points assessed on your driving record and keep your license.

You don’t have to accept that a traffic ticket has to be paid. Call Ticket Snipers' legal experts today in Santa Cruz County and see what we can do for you at prices nearly anyone can afford.