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Shasta County Traffic Tickets

Shasta County is one of the most beautiful spots in California with Shasta Lake, Lassen Peak and breathtaking views that attract thousands of visitors. Unfortunately, a traffic ticket can spoil an otherwise immaculate day for a tourist or create a hardship for a Redding or other Shasta County resident.

What Happens if I challenge a Traffic Ticket?

If your ticket is an infraction, no court appearance is necessary and you can request a court date by phone or mail to the Shasta County Superior Court to the phone number or address on the citation. For misdemeanor or moving violations, a court appearance is mandatory to enter a not guilty plea, after which you will receive notice of a court trial. You do have to deposit the fine amount as bail, which will be returned if you win.

  • Do Trial by Declaration instead of a court trial. You state the reasons why you did not violate the ordinance or vehicle code section and may submit any documents to support your argument. The officer also submits a statement in rebuttal. If you lose, you have 20 days to request a court trial or forfeit the bail as your fine. Other costs may be added. The majority of Trial by Declaration matters fail.
  • Your other option is a court trial, unless your violation is a DUI or other misdemeanor in which you are entitled to a jury trial. Most people schedule a trial hoping the ticketing officer will not appear and your case dismissed. It does happen but not all that often. If the officer appears, most people will concede and pay the fine and costs, attend traffic school if eligible, and accept any other consequences.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Expert

Is it worthwhile to retain a expert to help defend you in traffic court? How successful are traffic ticket experts?

  • If you can afford to drive a car, you can afford us.
  • We get numerous traffic tickets dismissed, fines reduced substantially and no points added to your ticket
  • We win at trial because we are more prepared and know the law
  • Even in hopeless cases, we can negotiate a smaller fine, reduced sentence, plea to a lesser offense and save your driving license from being suspended

Do you know how to challenge a speed gun? Red light camera? Cross-examine a witness? Probably not and if you don’t know the rules of evidence, good luck in getting your arguments, testimony and other evidence admitted.

Our traffic ticket defense team have succeeded in getting the following common types of infractions, moving violations and traffic misdemeanors dismissed or received not guilty verdicts:

  • Commuter lane violation  
  • Seat belt  
  • Illegal U-turn  
  • Unsafe lane change  
  • Reckless driving  
  • Driving on a suspended license  
  • Driving without insurance 
  • Red light violation 
  • Traffic sign violation 
  • Speeding  
  • Illegal turn  
  • Failure to appear, pay or comply  
  • Commercial driver and vehicle violations  

Doing it yourself can be disastrous. Let the professionals handle your ticket and give yourself the best chance to win.