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Sierra County Traffic Tickets

Sierra County on the Nevada border is the second-least populated county in California. Once a prosperous area filled with logging and mining communities, the county has faced troubled times as mills have closed and mining towns have become ghost towns. Parts of three national forests can be found in Sierra County. The Babbit Peak Lookout provides an excellent view of Tahoe National Forest.

The entire county has only one traffic signal (at the intersection of highways 49 and 89 in Sierraville), making it unlikely that drivers will be ticketed for red light violations. Speeders who are not fooled into slowing down by Manny the Mannequin (dressed like a police officer and placed in a retired police car) will face the possibility of a speeding ticket. If that happens to you, contact a traffic ticket expert for help.

Much of California’s drinking water, now in short supply, comes from snowmelt in Sierra County. Crystal Geyser plans to bottle some of that water although it has encountered opposition from Californians who face water rationing after record droughts. The bottling plant will help ease the county’s high unemployment rate, but it will also mean more traffic on the roads and more traffic tickets written by local officers. When that happens, traffic ticket expert will be busy fighting to help drivers avoid steep finds and points assessed against their licenses.