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Siskiyou County Traffic Tickets

Siskiyou County is the northernmost county in California. The local economy relies heavily on tourism, fueled by beautiful sights like Mount Shasta and Mossbrae Falls. In addition to its wilderness recreational opportunities, Siskiyou County is known for world-class trout fishing in the county’s abundant streams and rivers.

Interstate 5 runs through Siskiyou County. The relatively light traffic on the freeway encourages drivers to speed. One speeder (who was also cited for failing to yield) was clocked at speeds of up to 125 mph before the police stopped him by blowing out his tires with spike strips. Since the driver was eluding an officer, his problems are more worrisome than those of most ticketed drivers, but even a simple speeding ticket in Siskiyou County can be costly. Get advice from a traffic ticket lawyer if you are accused of exceeding the speed limit on I-5.

A man who was driving north on I-5 was recently stopped by the California Highway Patrol between the north and central Mount Shasta exit ramps. After the driver abandoned his car and ran away, Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Officers were assigned to look for him. Fleeing from the police is never a wise idea. If you are pulled over by the CHP in Siskiyou County, be polite, admit nothing, and contact a traffic ticket expert to help you fight any speeding ticket or other citation that the officer issues.