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Solano County Traffic Tickets

Upset over a traffic ticket? Many of our clients are since the fine may be hundreds of dollars and feel that the ticketing officer would not listen to them. If you are one of them, then call one of our Traffic Ticket Lawyers of Solano County for a professional to present your defense and get you the results you want.

Traffic tickets may be only a nuisance for some. But for the rest of us, it is aggravating and costly. Not only is the fine substantial, but if you have multiple traffic violations on your record, the DMV will suspend your license. If you are a commercial driver, keeping your license is essential to remaining employed.

Professional Assistance at Affordable Fees

What many people don’t know is that hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is very affordable and cost effective. You also save money if you get your ticket dismissed, plea bargained to an infraction or your fine drastically reduced. In many cases, no points are assessed on your driving record.

Our traffic ticket lawyers represent hundreds of clients each month, appear in court weekly and are familiar with the state and local traffic laws, commercial driving regulations, and with the judges and prosecutors. We also appear for you so you don’t have to take time from work, stand in line and wait for hours for your case to be heard by a tired Solano court judge.

Traffic tickets are either infractions, with fines no more than $250, or misdemeanors that have fines up to $1000 and the possibility of a jail sentence of up to one year. Other assessments and costs can run your expenses even higher such as traffic school.

Types of traffic tickets we dismiss include:

  • Speeding over a certain limit  
  • Driving without a valid license  
  • Stop Sign  
  • Driving without insurance  
  • Illegal U-turn  
  • Lane Violations
  • Sign Violations 
  • Many others

The Right Way to Handle a Traffic Ticket in California

Your options on getting a ticket is to pay the fine, attend traffic school if available and get the charge dismissed. But if you get a second ticket in 18 months, this option is unavailable. You can contest the ticket yourself but do you know how?

A traffic ticket expert can prepare a Trial by Declaration for you, indicating why you should not have been ticketed based on justification, honest mistake, lack of observation by the officer or eyewitness testimony. We can also provide photographs of signage problems, proof of lack of maintenance of a traffic or testing device or that the officer failed to follow protocol.

Handling your own case invites disaster. We have had numerous tickets dismissed, obtained acquittals at trial or negotiated charges down so that your license is safe, fines are minimal and there is no increase in your insurance.