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Need a Sonoma County Traffic Ticket Expert?

If you’ve been ticketed for a traffic violation in Sonoma County, you’re not alone – but you don’t have to face the Court by yourself. Our traffic ticket experts specialize in handling traffic tickets in Sonoma County for much less than the fines for most traffic violations.

You can contest the traffic ticket on your own without going to court first, by one of two methods. You can file a Declaration of Intent to Plead NOT Guilty and Request a Trial Date, or you can file a Request for Trial by Written Declaration. However, both of these methods require you to pay the bail amount listed on your courtesy notice along with filing the Declaration and it must be done via mail or in person. Bail payments accompanied by a declaration contesting the ticket cannot be paid over the Internet or by phone.

You can also contest the traffic ticket on your own by appearing in Court and requesting a Court Trial, which means you will have to appear in Court not once, but two times.

In addition, if the Court doesn’t dismiss your ticket even after all that hassle, you will pay an exorbitant fine for your traffic violation. Here are just a few examples:

If you receive a ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign, the base fine is only about $35. After state and county fees are added, the $35 ticket has increased to $234.

If you receive a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, the base fine is $100. After the additional fees are tacked on, the traffic ticket has now increased to $480.

And, if the ticket and fees aren’t paid on time, a $300 civil assessment fee will be added and the DMV will place a hold on your license.

Our traffic ticket experts are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our lawyers do nothing but fight traffic tickets, so they know what they’re doing. With over 10,000 violations dismissed since 2008, their track record speaks for itself.

Whether you have been ticketed in Sonoma County for speeding, red light violation, sign violation, carpool/turn signal violation, cell phone or seat belt violation, or any other moving violation, our traffic ticket experts will handle your case for a flat fee and guarantee your ticket will be dismissed or give you a refund of our service fee.