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Stanislaus County Traffic Tickets

Stanislaus County is named after Estanislao, a Native American who led a rebellion against the Mexican military in colonial California. The county seat of Stanislaus County is Modesto, home of the picturesque Modesto Arch. The county enjoys a mixture of communities ranging from small agricultural towns to growing cities that house commuters who work in the Bay area.

Six state highways and Interstate 5 run through Stanislaus County, making it an easy place to receive a traffic ticket. A few years ago, the police in Riverbank and a few other communities in Stanislaus County would write an “administrative” ticket for stop sign violations and other traffic violations. Basing fines on local ordinances rather than the California Vehicle Code allowed the city to keep the entire amount of the fine. Administrative tickets benefitted drivers because the fines were smaller and the violation was never reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Unlucky drivers who were ticketed in Turlock or Modesto faced higher fines and an assessment of points by the DMV because those cities based tickets on the state Vehicle Code and shared fine revenues with the state.

Unfortunately for drivers, a law took effect in 2011 that prohibits cities from basing tickets on local ordinances. To avoid large fines and the assessment of points against a driver’s license, drivers who are stopped in Stanislaus County must turn to traffic ticket experts to help them fight their tickets.