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Trinity County Traffic Tickets

Trinity County is a lightly populated county in northern California that is named after the Trinity River. Weaverville, the county seat of Trinity County, features some of the oldest historic buildings in California. The county courthouse is the second oldest in the state, while the town drug store has been serving customers since 1855.

The federal government will give Trinity County several million dollars over the next two years to pay for road maintenance. Most of the money is intended for roads that lead to and from federal land. Since parts of three national forests and one national recreation area take up much of Trinity County, most of the major roads in the county lead to federal property. With roads in good repair, drivers who are tempted to speed will need a traffic ticket expert to help them avoid heavy penalties.

There is not a single red light in Trinity County, so drivers do not need to worry about red light violations. Since mountain roads tend to be treacherous, however, the police watch carefully for speeders. They are out in force on three-day weekends to write speeding tickets and enforce other traffic laws. Be sure to get help from a traffic ticket expert if your vacation in Trinity County ends with a traffic ticket.