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Tulare County Traffic Tickets

Few counties in the United States can boast of having a national park. Tulare County in Central California has two: Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Beauty abounds in a county that features one of the largest freshwater lakes in the West, two national wildlife refuges (Pixley and Blue Ridge), ten rivers, and breathtaking views of Mount Whitney.

The county seat of Tulare County is Visalia. Two years ago, Visalia added new motorcycle officers to patrol the city’s streets. Officers want to be part of the motorcycle unit, in part because they enjoy riding motorcycles, and in part because they receive a $1,000 bonus when they are assigned to motorcycle duty.

While motorcycle officers investigate traffic accidents and make sure children are safe as they walk to school in the morning, their primary duty is to enforce traffic laws. They write the majority of Visalia’s traffic tickets, including red light violations, speeding, DUI, and the distracted use of cell phones.

The police department boasts that its motorcycle officers are all certified in radar operation. Of course, the fact that a police officer has been “certified” just means that the officer passed a test. A good traffic ticket expert can often establish that the officer was not operating the radar unit properly or that the environment might have interfered with a radar reading. Drivers should never think it is useless to challenge a speeding ticket, simply because a “certified” police officer clocked them with a radar gun.