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As the southernmost county along California’s central coast, Ventura County offers residents a climate that is often ideal — not too hot, not too cold, and not too different from season to season. More than half of the county’s land is taken up by a national forest and a little more than half of the remaining land is put to agricultural uses. Drivers can often buy fresh strawberries, oranges, and avocados from roadside stands. The Channel Islands offer visitors a chance to see animals and plants they are unlikely to view anywhere else.

Police in the Ventura County community of Oxnard recently targeted distracted drivers, writing 43 traffic tickets during a five hour period to drivers who were allegedly talking on cell phones without using a hands-free device. When the police conduct “operations” that result in dozens of tickets issued over the course of a few hours, the risk is that the police are seeing what they want to see rather than seeing what the drivers were actually doing. Ventura County traffic ticket experts may be able to help those drivers get their tickets dismissed.

A driver recently wrote to the Ventura County Star, expressing his shock that he received a ticket in the mail for making a right turn without coming to a full stop. The amount on the ticket was $490, not including traffic school fees. The driver may be even more upset when he learns about the points that will be assessed against his driver’s license if he pays the ticket. Any time a driver receives a ticket in the mail, the driver should consult a traffic ticket lawyer. Many tickets that come in the mail are unfounded and, whether or not they have merit, they can often be defeated.