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Yolo County Traffic Tickets

Yolo County occupies an agricultural region of California’s Sacramento Valley, noted for its tomato production. It is also home to UC-Davis, one of the leading research universities in the University of California system. Almost a quarter of the residents of Davis, the most populous city in Yolo County, bike to work. Its bicycle lanes make Davis one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country.

Davis is friendlier to bicyclists than it is to drivers. Yolo County is giving a break to bicyclists who violate traffic laws but drivers receive less favorable treatment. Police are particularly vigilant in school zones, where they look for distracted drivers and speeders. Drivers who are ticketed in Yolo County need the assistance of a traffic ticket lawyer if they want to avoid the severe consequences of a ticket.

After eight years, the City of Davis has taken down the last of its red light cameras. Davis is one of several California communities that have recently discontinued reliance on cameras to generate tickets for red light violations. Traffic ticket lawyers were so successful in contesting the tickets that the administrative cost of continuing the program outweighed the revenues that it generated. Public dissatisfaction with the program, which resulted in many drivers being unfairly ticketed, also played a role in the decision.