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Yuba County Traffic Tickets

Yuba County, located in the Central Valley, is one of the original California counties. Yuba County is known for its ghost towns as well as its hiking and biking trails along the scenic Feather River. Fruit orchards and rice fields fuel the county’s agricultural economy.

When there are no speed limit signs posted on California highways, the speed limit is 55 mph. Drivers who are used to driving at that speed on Fruitland Road in the Yuba County foothills may receive speeding tickets now that the county has approved an ordinance to post 45 mph signs on two stretches of the highway. Drivers who do not notice the new signs may need the help of a traffic ticket lawyer to avoid unwelcome fines and penalties.

As the rest of the country is beginning to take a more relaxed approach to marijuana, Yuba County is discussing the possibility of spending $700,000 to enforce harsher marijuana laws. “More enforcement money has to come from somewhere,” says the county attorney. You can bet that some of it will come from traffic ticket fines. Look for Yuma County to pull over drivers suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana and other traffic violations. Drivers should have the number of a traffic ticket experts who practices in Yuma County handy if they plan to drive on the county’s roads.