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Ticket Snipers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Contesting a Traffic Ticket in California


Traffic Ticket in California

Since 2008 Ticket Snipers has helped over 10,000 drivers successfully defeat their traffic violations. We are a fully-licensed, bonded and accredited corporation helping all types of drivers throughout the state of California while possessing an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .

Review Our Website Security – We protect all of your information with a first class website equipped with SSL Certified bank level encryption (see the green tab above in your browser). We are a PayPal Verified Merchant, which means all transactions are processed securely when you use your credit card or PayPal account. Our website is verified by McAfee, VeriSign and GeoTrust, the most reliable website security companies.

Dedication and Trustworthiness – Ticket Snipers’ website is SSL Certified and uses bank-level encryption so your transaction is secure and confidential. We are also fully-licensed, bonded and accredited California corporation that helps drivers throughout the state of California beat their traffic tickets with a proven success record all while possessing a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .

Each and every traffic ticket is unique. The type of violation, the location and how the evidence was collected all impact the outcome of a contested traffic ticket.

However, if you do not fight your traffic ticket then there is ZERO PERCENT chance of dismissal.

Our exclusive team knows how to beat speeding tickets, red light camera tickets or any other type of traffic ticket issued in California. A big part of our business is referral and word of mouth from satisfied clients. Successful attorneys who do not wish to handle traffic tickets, have repeatedly referred clients to use our service.

At Ticket Snipers, we are professionals concentrating strictly on California-issued traffic violations. Our fees are minimal compared to an attorney. We have extensive experience in the field that, in many cases, a lawyer just cannot duplicate. California traffic tickets are our passion and ALL that we do.

  • Fast, friendly and always here to help, we offer the best customer service in the industry.
  • Our team knows what methods work to beat traffic tickets in court including red light camera tickets, speeding tickets and all other California issued traffic tickets.
  • We have years of training and know what to look for in every kind of traffic ticket to increase the probability of a dismissal.
  • Lastly, we also know the entire California Vehicle Code (CVC) from front to back, which is essential when preparing a clear, comprehensive and effective legal brief that dismisses the violation.

If you use Ticket Snipers to fight a traffic ticket, no court appearances are necessary to challenge your violation. We will prepare all the legal documents, all you have to do is review, sign, and mail the completed defense documents to the traffic court with the bail amount prior to the due date. The bail/fine amount is fully refunded if/when the ticket is dismissed.

If you lose, you’re back at square one and can fight the traffic ticket in person afterwards with a new trial (trial de novo).

Ticket Snipers highly recommends contesting your traffic violations via a trial by written declaration. We have an excellent track record and offer a partial refund if the case is not dismissed.

Your total cost depends on the type of violation you received, and our prices are clearly stated on our Price page. There are no hidden charges or add-ons. This flat fee includes filing extensions, gaining admission to traffic school or requesting a brand new trial.

To sign up for our service click on the Get Started page and enter your information along with a PDF scanned copy of your violation. One of our knowledgeable case development team members will contact you shortly to discuss your individual case and begin the dismissal process.

Trial by Written Declaration is a trial option offered in California for most infractions. It allows the defendant to challenge their ticket without a court appearance by submitting a written defense.

No, our team is California exclusive.

Our team understands that every citation is unique. When we take on a ticket our legal team composes an individually based defense with the specific facts of the case in mind. As a result, all cases have a non-refundable legal drafting fee for the effort that goes into crafting each defense.

Once our team begins working on your case, you will gain access to a citation questionnaire in your Ticket Snipers account where you can provide details about the alleged violation.

The ticket given to you by the officer contains the details regarding what the officer has alleged against you. You are innocent until proven guilty, so when we look at your ticket our team gains an understanding of what the officer would need to demonstrate proof of in order to uphold a citation.

Usually, no. If we do need to look at the notice, we will request it after your citation is reviewed.

Absolutely. Privacy is a top priority and your information is never shared with anyone. Additionally, our website is equipped with SSL Certification meaning that our website’s security is comparable with your bank’s.

We do not purport a rate of success. It is not legal to advertise a success rate in California as the decision is always up to the individual Judge – outcomes of past cases do not forecast outcomes of future ones.