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Why Choose Ticket Snipers?

Fast & Efficient

Your time matters to us.

We have the quickest turnaround time in California and we fight many types of tickets including:

Speeding, Red Light, Stop Sign, Red Light Camera, Turn/Lane Violations, and many more……

We Save You
Money & Time

No points, fines, traffic school or insurance increase when the violation is dismissed.

Insurance rates can increase as much as 22% with just one point.

Put the brakes on any surges with our help.

Trusted Proven Team

  • Over 10 years of statewide success
  • No court appearance needed
  • Clear and up-front fee
  • California local team
  • Positive rating with the BBB
  • Dismissing tickets since 2008
  • Over 15,000 violations erased

How it works

Beating your traffic ticket simplified

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Send Your Traffic Ticket

You have 3 options:

  • Get Started Online (Best Option)
  • Email
  • Text Message

Secure bank-level encryption, SSL certified website, No Past Due or Paid Tickets.


Tell Us Your Story

We’re on your side.

Complete a short questionnaire to provide our team with any details you recall about your ticket. Getting a traffic ticket can be stressful, we make it easy.

Our team will advocate for a full dismissal of the alleged violation and ensure your voice is heard.


On The Case

Our legal team composes your defense using 10+ years of knowledge and experience.

You’re innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

We put you in the best position to dismiss your ticket with No Fines, No Points, No Court or Traffic School.

We've helped over 15,000 California drivers beat their traffic tickets without ever going to court

Licensed, Bonded & Accredited

With A Stellar Reputation

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