How it Works

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step 1 provide the citation

Send us a copy of your traffic ticket via Email, text message or upload the violation directly onto our Get Started page to begin the dismissal process.

*We do not contest past due violations or parking tickets.*

step 1 provide the citation

Complete the form directly on our Get Started page and enter your payment information.

The service fee varies by the type of violation received ($179/$99).

Ticket Snipers’ website is SSL Certified and uses bank-level encryption so your transaction is secure and confidential.

We Service Every Type of Ticket:
step 1 provide the citation

Ticket Snipers begins to work on your defense immediately in order to obtain a full dismissal. Our legal experts challenge every applicable element of the vehicle code in efforts of completely dismiss your alleged traffic violation. Though it varies by type, Ticket Snipers successfully beats any applicable alleged violation more than 80% of the time.

No Fines, No Points, No Traffic School and No Court Appearances are necessary with our assistance. We go to great lengths in efforts of achieving a full dismissal on each and every violation. Using our proven and effective process will redistribute the power of the LAW onto your side. Our tactics are legal and lethal, really throwing the book at the officer.

step 1 provide the citation

Once the dismissal process is completed you will be notified by us promptly.

That's it, simply sit back and wait for the verdict.

Of course if you have any questions about the alleged violation we are here to help!

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