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Ticket Snipers is available to provide professional insight on the California Vehicle Code (CVC), legal statistics, jurisdictional idiosyncrasies and much more

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Ticket Snipers welcomes any and all press or media inquiries.

We are proud of our results and experiences that have left a positive impression on thousands of California drivers. Here is some of the media attention we have received throughout the years.

Please fill out the contact form and our Marketing Director will be in touch with you or your company shortly. If you would like to feature our company please review our privacy policy and feel free to upload any information pertain to your request. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our marketing team at (800) 985-8978.

The Name

Ticket Snipers, a Latin derived term for eliminating a problem. This is a core value for the team at Ticket Snipers as well as providing first class customer service with stellar results.

The History

Ticket Snipers, was founded in 2008 by a group of California drivers in efforts of offering legal services to help contest any traffic ticket in California. Now serving clients throughout the entire state of California from its headquarters in San Diego. Ticket Snipers works with a variety of industry professionals in efforts of acheiveing the highest success rates in the business.

The Philosophy

While each client is different and receives special consideration, our core principles remain focused on first class customer service with awesome results.

Ticket Snipers believes in authentic relationships, both between our legal team and our clients which has resulted in an elevated level of success founded on trust, openness, honesty, and a desire to deliver a better solution than any of the competition.

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Name: Jorian Goes
Phone: 800.985.8978 ext 101

Our Brand

Get in touch with our founder, Jorian Goes and we will quickly get back to you with hi-res photos, background info, or anything else that may make your life easier.

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