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Red Light Camera Ticket

Red Light camera ticket fines in California are the most expensive in the nation. Not only are the tickets issued days if not weeks after the alleged incident but in most situations individuals are unaware that they have done anything wrong until the dreaded day a ticket is received in the mail.

Camera companies and issuing agencies directly benefit from the number of tickets that are issued. Information is strategically provided from a camera company in the form of photographs and a simplified video to intimidate a driver into paying the camera ticket and accepting the penalties associated with it. 

In an attempt to prevent agencies from issuing frivolous violations specific requirements have to be adhered to and the photo-enforced system has to be properly maintained. Don’t get caught, find out locations of red light camera ticket intersections in California and the requirements needed for a photo enforced intersection to be valid.

If you did receive a red light camera ticket in the mail, don’t get intimidated; stand up and fight back against the camera company revenue machine. Our team uses all the requirements needed to challenge the red light camera ticket; validation of the photographs, calibration and timing are just the start in the search for a full dismissal.

Send us a clear picture of the red light camera ticket for a free ticket review and one of our knowledgeable traffic ticket experts will review your ticket and reach out to discuss possible options for your case.

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