Driver’s License

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 12500

A Driver’s License ticket will cost you $401 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing Driver’s License in California

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California Vehicle Code 12500

Take a trip down memory lane. As a driver, do you remember studying the California Driver Handbook preparing for one of the biggest tests of your life? Anxiety, nervousness, and anticipation set in as you realized that obtaining your driver’s license is one of the major keys to freedom. Attaining a driver’s license meant that you could set your own schedule, you no longer had to be chauffeured to and from a location, and your cool factor increased by 100%. A crucial point in receiving your license is showing the correct amount of responsibility.

Responsibility attests that you are coming of age. For most, it is says that “I’m ready for the real world.” However with responsibility comes accountability. Every California driver is responsible for their actions behind the wheel. A driver’s license signifies that you understand the importance of the traffic laws. A California driver also agrees to abide by these laws to protect others on the road.

The California Driver Handbook outlines the guideline for receiving a driver’s license.

  • California driver’s license gives you access to drive on public highways.
  • Present proper authentic legal identification when applying for a driver’s license. (E.g. birth certificate, permanent resident card, passport, or U.S. Armed Forces Card)
  • Documentation verifying your U.S. legal residency or California residency is mandatory. (E.g. Mortgage papers, Utility bills, Insurance documents, or Title)
  • The full and complete legal name will appear on the driver’s license. (E.g. Domestic partnership, Dissolution of a marriage, Adoption, or Marriage certificate)
  • Payment of a nonrefundable application fee is required. This payment will remain in good standing for 12 months at which a driver has three attempts to pass the knowledge test.
  • Acceptable 20/200 vision is necessary with or without the assistance of corrective lenses.
  • Take a photograph.
  • Present a fingerprint scan.

Who is required to have a California Driver’s License?

  • Californian drivers who plan to drive on the pubic highways or park at facilities open to the public in the state.
  • Any active military personnel that have a California driver’s license that has to be absent due to military obligations. The driver’s license expires 30 days after the personnel discharge date.
  • Any active military personnel from another state should possess a driver’s license from their home state as well as California.
  • If you recently moved to the state of California and have established residency, then you have 10 days in which to apply for a license.

What does the California Code say about possessing a Driver’s License?

CVC Section 12500 requires all drivers to legally possess a class C driver’s license to operate and drive on the highways and public roads of the state of California. The following are exempt from this code:

  • Any persons intending to operate or drive a motorized bike, motorcycle, or motor-driven cycle (under 50 CC’s).
  • Any persons may not operate or drive on a privately owned facility for off-street parking when there is no fee accessed for use of the public parking.
  • Any person must obtain a driver’s license for the specific class in which they are authorized to drive.
  • All motorized scooters must obtain the appropriate engine that complies with emission requirements provided by State Air Resources Board.

What is the punishment for a California Traffic Ticket for not possessing a Driver’s License?

Penalties for this vehicle code vary depending on how the ticket is cited. Generally speaking, the fine for a California traffic ticket for not “Possessing a Driver’s License” starts at $401. Violating CVC 12500 can result in an infraction or misdemeanor.

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