California No Proof of Insurance

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 16028

A California No Proof of Insurance ticket will cost you $900 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing California No Proof of Insurance in California

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Failure to Provide Valid Proof of Insurance, CVC 16028

Everyone knows how important it is to have auto insurance. You cannot even register a car without showing proof of that insurance. It’s called “providing evidence of financial responsibility”, and the inability to do that is against the law in every state.

In the state of California, Vehicle Code 16028 outlines all the ins and outs of this law. A violation of it could cost you in excess of $1,000.

One would think that being able to provide proof of insurance would be a simple thing to do. Your insurance company sends you a little card in the mail and all you have to do is put it in the glove compartment of your vehicle. It’s simple. But for many people, it’s one of those little details of life that can slip through the cracks. The envelope gets tossed on a table or desk, slips between other papers, and is forgotten or accidentally thrown away, and it isn’t thought of again – until it’s time to renew license plates or a state vehicle inspection, or until you get into an accident or are pulled over by a police officer for some reason.

In California, a police officer cannot stop a vehicle just to determine whether or not this law is being followed, but any time a vehicle is stopped for any violation, or suspected violation, or is in an accident of any kind, the officer will ask to see proof of insurance and drivers who are unable to provide it will be cited.

This proof can actually be provided in a couple of different ways. There is the card the insurance company provides, but many insurance companies also provide access to this information via the Internet. That information, accessed by a cell phone or other mobile electronic device a driver may have handy, is acceptable proof which can be offered to the police officer. If the proof is offered electronically, the officer is, by law, not allowed to look at any other content on the electronic device, but will need to be able to record the insurance information on whatever citation is being issued to the driver.

Insurance Violations are Expensive

But what happens if you can’t provide evidence of financial responsibility when an officer requests it? You will receive a ticket for the violation of CVC 16028.

If you have been cited for this violation, our team can likely assist. Reach out today for a free citation review to learn more about your options.