Failure to Obey Official Traffic Control Signal

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 21455

Officer issuing Failure to Obey Official Traffic Control Signal in California

A Failure to Obey Official Traffic Control Signal ticket will cost you $238 in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

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Official traffic control signals are installed in locations other than at intersections are seen along many roadways throughout the towns and cities of California. These signals can be found in many places, such as schools, hospitals, large centers of employment, near youth or family entertainment facilities, shopping centers, and many others.

Just because a traffic control signal isn’t located at an intersection, doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Many of these signals are accompanied by a crosswalk, sign or limit line to indicate where a driver is to stop their vehicle. Drivers are required by law to acknowledge that the signal exists and take proper action.

Driving behaviors relating to these types of traffic control signals are regulated by California Vehicle Code 21455, which states:

When an official traffic control signal is erected and maintained at a place other than an intersection, the provisions of this article shall be applicable except those provisions which by their nature can have no application. Any stop required shall be made at a sign or crosswalk or limit line indicating where the stop shall be made, but in the absence of any such sign or marking the stop shall be made at the signal.

If a driver doesn’t stop properly for a traffic control signal, whether or not it’s located at an intersection, or if a law enforcement officer believes a vehicle did not stop correctly based on their point of view of the situation, a citation is likely to be issued for a violation of CVC 21455.

Failure to Obey Official Traffic Control Signal can be Dangerous

A ticket for a CVC 21455 violation doesn’t carry a huge fine, but it will still cost the driver a fine/fee totaling $238 – and that’s just the ticket. It also carries a point on your driver’s license along with a 3-year stint on your driving record. A lot of people don’t think such a consequence is all that bad, but in reality that single point on your driving record could increase your automobile insurance premium by up to 22%. For 3 long years. Based on the average California automobile insurance monthly premium of $164, that increase adds up to almost $1,300. If you currently pay more than the average, due to the type of vehicle you drive or existing violations on your driving record, that amount could be significantly higher.

If you receive a California traffic ticket for a violation of CVC 21455, you have a couple of different options. You can simply pay the fine/fees and take the point on your license with increased insurance premiums. You could also take a day off work away from your usual daily activities to appear in court and hope that you can successfully dispute the ticket in front of a judge. You could hire a high-paid traffic ticket attorney to fight for you and hope that they are able to score a win for you. But none of those options are really great.

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