Overtaking and Passing Another Vehicle

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 21754

Officer issuing Overtaking and Passing Another Vehicle in California

A Overtaking and Passing Another Vehicle ticket will cost you $238 in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

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Overtaking and Passing is not Clear-Cut

Under California Vehicle Code Section 21754, you can only pass vehicles on the right under certain circumstances:

  1. The other vehicle is making a left turn
  2. It is a one-way street or roadway
  3. The road is striped for 2 or more lanes
  4. On a divided highway with traffic moving in the same direction on each side

You may not use the shoulder to pass, though bicycles are permitted to do so. But if you received a traffic citation for unlawful passing, you don’t have to pay the ticket. For instance, was the street wide enough to accommodate two vehicles? Did the motorist in front of you signal to make a left turn and then change his mind? Also, was the roadway sufficiently marked? In some cases, the motorist in front of you may have even pulled over to let you pass.

These and any other reasons for why you passed a car on the right may have been missed by the officer who cited you. You can try to explain this in court but representing yourself is not always such a good idea.

For most people, their lone trial strategy is hoping the officer who cited you fails to appear. If he or she does, then they plead guilty, pay the hundreds of dollars in fines or go to traffic court. Any way you look at that scenario, you lose.

If you want to try the case on your own, do you know how to cross-examine a police officer or object to evidence? Do you know how to introduce evidence? If not, the police officer will object to most of your questions and none of your evidence will be allowed. All you are left to do is offer your version of what occurred to a bored and irritated judge who will summarily uphold the ticket and impose a fine on you or allow you to attend traffic school so long as you are eligible. If not, then you get a point on your record and watch your monthly auto insurance premium rise. Before that point goes off your record, you will have paid several thousand dollars more in insurance increases.

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It doesn’t take much for you to lose your license. In California, if you get 4 points on your record in a 12-month period or 6 points in 24-months, then the DMV can suspend your license. Most minor moving violations are one point, but its easy to pile them up quickly. Imagine what your life would be like without being able to drive?

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