Violation of Right-of-Way Entering Through Highway

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 21802

Officer issuing Violation of Right-of-Way Entering Through Highway in California

A Violation of Right-of-Way Entering Through Highway ticket will cost you $238 in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

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California Vehicle Code 21802

Many times driver’s get behind the wheel of a car without a complete understanding of all the driving laws in each state, its easy to do. When a driver grasps the importance of how an intersection works then a driver can proceed with caution. The most common types of driving mistakes are caused at an intersection. Intersections permits several drivers the ability to cross paths at different speeds at the same time. In some cases cooking up recipes for disaster. Our daily routines make us familiar and comfortable with the roads t that we take. However, we travel through many intersections from our homes, to major highways.

Listed below are rules that drivers should learn to avoid accidents at intersections:

What does the California Code say about Failure to Yield?

  • It is important that drivers remain aware of their surroundings at all times.
  • Always make sure that areas in your direction of travel do not have any pedestrians walking utilizing sidewalks or children riding a bicycle.
  • Once you have determined that the area of travel is clear of anyone traveling by foot or a bike, look again, and then begin to proceed forward with caution or before making a turn.
  • Stay cognizant before approaching an intersection to verify that traffic lights are working properly.
  • In the event that a traffic light is not functioning properly, approach the intersection with extreme caution and treat the intersection as a four-way stop.
  • Do not assume anything when approaching an intersection. Although you may have the right of way, drivers cannot expect that the other drivers traveling in various direction will obey the rules and stop on red.
  • Never change lanes when driving through an intersection. If a driver decides that they want to change lanes, a lane change should be completed prior to approaching an intersection, if not, a delayed lane change can result in a sideswipe from a car turning on a cross street.
  • Drivers should scan their surroundings before placing a car into drive
  • Rear-end collision are the number one common type of intersection related accidents.
  • Each time make sure that the driver in front of you clears before turning right on red.

CVC Section 21802 requires that all drivers make a safe and intended decision to stop at the entrance of a stop sign stated by Section 22450. A driver must properly yield to other vehicles that are in the process of approaching the roadway from another direction or vehicles that are close enough to present a safety hazard. Once a driver determines that it safe to engage the intersection the driver may do so with caution.

Have you received a California Traffic Ticket for Failure to Yield?

Here a couple of common misunderstanding about the right of way on a highway:

  • A driver that yielded beforehand may enter an intersection, while the approaching vehicle(s) must yield the right of way to the vehicle that is entering or crossing the intersection.
  • The presence of stop signs set-up in every direction of the intersection determines this section non-applicable.

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What is the punishment for a California Traffic Ticket for not Failure to Yield?

The fine for “Violating a Right of Way” is $238 and one point against your driver’s license. You could plead guilty and pay the fine; however, your automobile insurance could increase for up to three years with the point on your record. Besides that who doesn’t want to keep their driving record squeaky clean. Therefore, a California traffic ticket under this section can be very costly in the long term.

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