Turning and Turning Lanes

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 22100

A Turning and Turning Lanes ticket will cost you $237 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing Turning and Turning Lanes in California

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CVC 22100 Turning and Turning Lanes

Making either right-hand or left-hand turns at an intersection can sometimes be tricky depending on the number of lanes a road has or the way the lanes are marked. It is important to pay attention to markings on the roadway or posted signs for proper direction. Some common questions asked by drivers; if there are three lanes of travel do you have to turn from the far right-hand lane or left-hand lane? Is it legal to turn from the center lane? If you need to make a left-hand turn, should you enter the intersection if there is oncoming traffic so you can complete the turn as soon as traffic has cleared? If you are in the center lane of a three-lane road and the turn you are making is onto a one-way street, do you need to be in lane farthest to the side you are turning, or is it okay to turn from the center lane? The answer to all of these questions is dependent on the roadway of travel; that is why it is important to always pay attention to the roadway markings and posted signs. Cities are required to maintain signs and notify drivers of restrictive vehicle moments, such as “right turn only lane”.

Crossing multiple lanes at once

Driving in California can be hectic, the roadways are congested and often have multiple lanes to navigate. When driving on an active roadway it can be difficult to navigate all the lanes efficiently. Often times, the desired exit arrises quicker than one anticipates and a driver is forced to take sudden action. Be careful when crossing multiple lanes at one time. A good rule of thumb is, only cross one lane at a time. Changing lanes with caution decreases collisions and it is respectful of your fellow drivers.

Merging multiple lanes at once is not only dangerous but avoidable with a little bit of preparation. If the exit cannot be navigated safely it is best to pass the desired exit and safely merge over to the next closest available exit. This procedure can be annoying but the few minutes it takes to skip the exit is well worth its value in safety.

Ultimately safety is the most important factor when traveling on the roadway.

Taking Turns

Making turns can be more complicated than you really thought, and California Vehicle Code 22100 governs the basic laws pertaining to the above questions.

If an officer cites you for committing an improper turn, your driving record and insurance rates can be at risk. Just one wrong turn can add a point to your driving record and result in a minimum fine of $237.

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