Unsafe Starting and Backing

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 22106

Officer issuing Unsafe Starting and Backing in California

A Unsafe Starting and Backing ticket will cost you $234 in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

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CVC Section 22106 states:

“No person shall start a vehicle stopped, standing or parked on a highway, nor shall any person back a vehicle on a highway until such movement can be made with reasonable safety.”

This section sounds simple but in practice can be difficult to interpret at times. Essentially, you have to look before you back up on a highway to be sure you can do so without colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian or even come close to a collision since that would be backing up without reasonable safety.

Starting a car that is stopped with reasonable safety generally applies to motorists who spin their wheels when starting up. Other unsafe practices include performing “donuts” in a parking lot, pulling out from a parking spot into oncoming traffic or suddenly accelerating but not necessarily speeding. “Donuts” refers to driving a car in a tight circle while accelerating.

Any of these maneuvers are considered dangerous and an officer will likely cite you. A violation of CVC 22106 is an infraction and will result in a point on your license. Your fine is $234 though your costs will be much higher since your auto insurance carrier will increase your rates to where you end up paying hundreds of dollars or even more than $1,000 over what you are currently paying for your premiums annually.

If you wish, you can attend traffic school to get the point off your record, if you eligible to attend, though you will have to pay the fine and the cost for the class.

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What is Considered Reasonable Safety?

In deciding whether to cite you under CVC 22106, the officer uses his or her judgment in deciding if your actions were unsafe. Peeling off from a stopped position or deciding to accelerate quickly even for a few seconds before slowing down will nearly always be deemed unsafe. There is no excuse for performing donuts anywhere.

If you enter oncoming traffic from a stopped or parked position and cars have to suddenly slow or swerve into an adjoining lane to avoid you, then you can expect a ticket as well. Mechanical problems can also be the cause of a car suddenly accelerating or you were spinning your wheels due to ice or some slippery substance.

Challenging Your Ticket

Many traffic offenders choose to pay the ticket and accept the point on their record or pay the fine and attend traffic school to avoid the point. All of this requires spending hundreds of dollars. Your other options are to challenge the ticket yourself or hire a traffic ticket expert.

Some individuals choose to be their own attorney and contest the ticket in court, hoping that the traffic officer will fail to appear. But even if the officer does not show up, the Judge could impose a continuance. Unless you can make a proper argument for not granting the request, the court will usually grant it.

You also have to spend hours in court waiting for your case to be heard. While traffic court may look informal, you still have to know and follow the rules of evidence if you want to put on a reasonable defense. Just giving your version of the events will almost always be rejected in favor of the officer’s unless you know how to cross-examine the officer and know when/what to object to if the officer testifies. For instance, the officer could testify on events that he or she has not observed, to statements made by other parties, to diagrams or notes without having a proper foundation and to various assumptions without a factual basis.

If you lack trial skills or experience, then researching the law or figuring out how to object to testimony will rarely work in practice.

Retain a Traffic Ticket Expert

Do you really have the time to research the law, visit the scene or make diagrams? Even a diagram may not be admissible unless you know how to lay the foundation for it. However, you can pay a reasonable fee that is always less than the cost of your ticket and retain a traffic ticket expert from Ticket Snipers to handle your case.

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