Anti-Gridlock Act

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 22526

A Anti-Gridlock Act ticket will cost you $237 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing Anti-Gridlock Act in California

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California Vehicle Code 22526

California is one of the most populated states in the country. Approximately 40,000,000 currently reside in California. Out of eight residents in the U.S lives in California, it is is such a diverse population that no single race or ethnic group constitutes a majority.

Despite such great diversity, it seems that most California driver’s are on the exact same commute schedule. The state’s packed roadways and heavy traffic are nationally infamous. As a result, gridlock on the roadway is a common experience for most California drivers.

What does the California Code say about CVC Section 22526?

CVC Section 22526 forbids any driver of a vehicle from blocking the intersection of a highway. The section is pretty technical, but we can provide you with a few key takeaways.

  • When proceeding straight through an intersection at a green light, ensure there is enough space from the intersection to the crosswalk without obstructing the passage of cars on either side.
  • The same applies for making a turn at an intersection when your light is yellow
  • You can cross at a railroad crossing without a signal or light to proceed forward as long as the undercarriage clearance is adequate and you are not blocking city transit vehicles/ trains/trolleys from getting through.
  • If you do have a signal, you can proceed through a railroad crossing as long as there is enough space on either side of the rail transit or railroad to provide accommodations for any railway vehicle.

Essentially, whenever you encounter an intersection, whether or not you have the right-of-way through a light signal, you need to ensure your entering into the intersection will not block cars from being able to pass through the same intersection. For example, if you are heading home on your commute and you turn left on a yellow arrow, the amount of traffic in front of you may prevent you from getting all the way out of the intersection before the light signal changes. If your car blocks the intersection for the next group of drivers, you could be cited for CVC 22526.

Gridlock can be difficult for your everyday driver to detect, and some intersections are particularly notorious for these types of issues. For that reason, this vehicle code also contains a provision that the intersections do need to post signage notating prevention.

Need a few more tips on how to avoid gridlock? The California Driver Handbook recommends effective ways to properly split the difference on the road.

What is the punishment for a California Traffic Ticket for CVC 22526?

The fine for a gridlock violation starts at $238, but is elevated to a $489 minimum for blocking a railway intersection. It will also add one point against your driver’s license.

If you received a gridlock violation, our team is here to assist. Reach out to a knowledgable team member today to discuss your options or submit your citation for review.