California Registration

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 4152.5

A California Registration ticket will cost you $196 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing California Registration in California

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California Vehicle Code 4152.5

Preparing for a big move in a new state can provide an array of emotions. For some, it can signify a new beginning and for others the anxiety of a new environment can be too much. As people create a to-do list of things to take care of, it is important to be prepared and determine what all needs to be completed before the “BIG” day.

There is a certain stigma that goes along with the letters D-M-V. When someone says the word DMV many will cringe or immediately become frustrated. Going to the DMV can be very time consuming. A majority of drivers, block out times in their schedules to plan for extended times at the DMV. Then there are other drivers that get sidetracked by life and simply forget to take care of the small things that matter the most when moving to a new state.

Drivers do not need the stress of an unnecessary ticket for failure to apply for a driver’s license or register a vehicle in the new state. Keep in mind that The California Department of Motor Vehicles considers anyone a resident of California if the following occurs:

  • A current driver’s license is issued.
  • Any act, event, or occurrence in the state that displays a presence in the state more than temporary.
  • A person who registers to vote.
  • An individual that finds gainful employment in the state.
  • A business is located and operated in the state.
  • If someone attends a public institution of higher education where resident tuition is paid.
  • Dependents that attends a primary or secondary school.
  • Own property that you lease to another as use of residency.
  • Are able to declare a homeowner’s property tax exemption.
  • A license, benefit, or privilege is obtained through residency that otherwise would not be available to a nonresident.

When considering moving to California, drivers should consider the following tips by The California Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure their vehicle is properly registered:

  • A driver should verify and provide valid car insurance.
  • Apply for a valid California driver’s license.
  • Complete an application for title or registration (Form REG 343) with proper signatures, and lienholder information.
  • If you own a commercial vehicle (Form REG 4008) or trailer, (Form REG 4017) should be completed.
  • A smog/emissions inspection and certificate issued on vehicles that are model year 1975 or older require.
  • If applicable, a weight certification.

All payment and taxes are due upon completion of registration. A DMV employee conducts a physical inspection of the vehicle and its VIN number verification. Once this is complete a California registration certificate, license plates, and registration stickers for the vehicle are issued to the driver.

What does the California Code say about CVC 4152.5?

CVC Section 4152.5 instructs all drivers that a California registration is mandatory for operating a vehicle on the roads. A submission of an original application must take place within 20 days of establishing residence within California.

Have you received a California Traffic Ticket for CVC 4152.5?

Failure to register a vehicle in California carries a minimum fine of $197.

Moving to another state can be stressful. If a driver is unfamiliar with the rules, receiving a citation for CVC 4152.5 can make a start in a new place rough. Our office is here to assist in your needs. If you received a traffic ticket under CVC 4152.5, we want to alleviate your stress. Contact us and ask how we can help you avoid court, fines, and increased insurance rates. We also offer a free ticket review.