Hitch and Coupling Device (Towing) | CVC 29004

California Vehicle Code (CVC) § 29004

A Hitch and Coupling Device (Towing) | CVC 29004 ticket will cost you $197 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties.

Officer issuing Hitch and Coupling Device (Towing) | CVC 29004 in California

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California Vehicle Code 29004

Summer months account for vacations and families on the move looking for a change of environment. Whether you’re taking a long vacation or making a big move, it can be difficult to decide what to take. Packrats and minimalists alike often find themselves hauling large quantities of items with them during these moments, but they may not have an understanding how how to transport large loads safely.

Despite federal and state laws in place to prevent society from the consequences of improperly attached or overloaded vehicles, there are dangers that still exist. An incorrect hitch and coupling device causes accidents that are harmful to everyone on the road.

Various types of hitch equipment is available such as ball and socket, pin and swivel, universal-joint type with a detachable pin, and ball type with swivel.

Any vehicle participating in a tow should have the proper trailer to ensure a safe journey. The vehicle and trailer should accommodate each other to ensure a safe towing environment is establish before hitting the roadway.

Proper assessment of weight provides preventative insight on safely handling a vehicles capacity to tow. Make sure that the tow vehicle has enough power to carry and perform in various area types without the loss of speed. When the tow vehicle is properly paired and equipped with the correct trailer, it can perform safely in various driving conditions.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides ways for a driver to inspect a vehicle to ensure that it is fit for traveling on the road:

  • Referring to the manufactures instructions on assembly is important to prevent accidents and/or fatalities.
  • Verify that the pin holding the ball mount in place with no defects.
  • Secure the hitch coupler in place.
  • Hitches that distribute weight evenly with spring hinges should tightly be in place with safety clips attached.
  • It is recommended that chains also be properly attached whenever necessary as a precautionary for the failure of hitch malfunctioning.
  • Any electrical plugs need to be properly installed and connected.

It is essential to understand the fundamentals about acceptable requirements, assembly, control, and trailer safety when towing. The more knowledgeable a driver is about the practice and safety of towing the less risk of dangers on road.

What does the California Code say about CVC 29004?

(a) CVC Section 29004 informs anyone utilizing a hitch or coupling device for towing to adequately assemble, mount, and attach the device. The hitch or coupling device that are in use to tow must provide appropriate reinforcement or a bracing of the structure with enough strength and firmness to prevent bulking or undue distortion of the frame.

(b) Proper assembly of the tongue, drawbar, and other connection must securely be attached and sufficient for the weight support.

(c) The raised end of the motor vehicle that is being transported by another motor vehicle using a tow dolly must be secured to the tow dolly by cables, two separate chains, or other similar devices to prevent the car being towed from moving or coming detached from the towing vehicle and the tow dolly.

Have you received a California Traffic Ticket for CVC 29004?

The fine for a California traffic ticket for improper or no “hitch or coupling device” starts at $197 for a first time offense and will result in one point on your driving record.

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