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California Traffic School Options

California Traffic School Can Be Fun and Educational – Really!

Most people don’t get excited about going to traffic school, online or otherwise. Yet because this is California, home to Hollywood, Burbank, and Universal Studios, you get the benefit of attending an entertaining and dare we say enjoyable California traffic schools.

And why shouldn’t California traffic school be fun? After all you are paying the traffic violation fine, the fee for the privilege of attending traffic school, and the cost of the traffic school itself. You are probably spending more on California traffic schools (online or in the classroom) than you’d spend on theater tickets or going to the movies.

Yes, Now You Can Attend California Traffic Schools Online

California online traffic school has become a popular option in recent years and there are a number of approved programs for drivers. Attending traffic school online allows you to complete courses in the comfort of your home – or even the beach – and saves you the hassle of going to a physical classroom. Ticket Snipers does not provide advice regarding the best online traffic school in California, but we do provide you a list of verified resources.

Attend Traffic School in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Online

Completing California traffic school can be a great way to prevent points from appearing on your driver’s license. Accruing too many points can put you at risk for license suspension or can negatively impact your auto insurance rate for years to come. During your traffic school course, you can learn all about the rules of the road, how to improve your driving, how to drive more defensively and more. It is important to note that the state of California does limit the number of times you can attend traffic school, online or in-person. Only one time within an 18-month period is currently what the state allows.

What Tickets Qualify for California Traffic School?

It is not permitted to attend traffic school for all citations. Misdemeanors, non-moving violations such as parking tickets, alcohol-related offenses (DUIs), and offenses that were committed in a commercial vehicle are ineligible. Contact the DMV directly if you are unsure of eligibility. (Please note if you pay to attend traffic school online or in a classroom and then end up not going, the courts will NOT issue a refund.)

Though Ticket Snipers cannot recommend the best online traffic school in California, we can answer any questions you have about getting your ticket dismissed and your rights to attend traffic school online. Contact us at (888) 647-1120 today.

For a list of DMV Licensed Traffic Schools: Click here

Is My Citation Eligible for Traffic School?

Once the “Notice of Decision” (TR-215) has been sent to your address by the Court look under section 6.


In this section you will find the judge’s specific orders in regards to traffic school. Once the Judge has granted traffic school you will need to do the following:

1. Attend a court approved traffic school (listed here) and pass the course within 60 days.
2. Make additional payment to the Court for allowing traffic school ($55-$70, depending on your county).

Reasons for Denial of Traffic School:

1. You attended traffic school within the past 18 months (violation date-violation date).
2. You do not have a valid driver’s license issued in the United States.
3. You were cited for driving more than 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.
4. You are charged on this citation with violations involving alcohol or drugs.
5. You hold a commercial driver’s license and were operating a commercial vehicle at the time of citation.
6. The violation is a not a moving violation (no points), such as a seatbelt or cell phone ticket.

Unfortunately we cannot beat every single violation we contest, for the few cases that are not completely dismissed we offer a “Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.” In the unlikely event we are not successful in your defense Ticket Snipers will gladly issue you an immediate refund of your service fee upon receipt of the notice of decision. Overall, we appreciate the opportunity to dismiss your violation. If you were found guilty of the violation please send us a copy of the Notice of Decision (TR-215) to and we will issue an immediate refund request, no questions asked!


Let the guilty verdict stand and be finished with the violation. If you are eligible for traffic school you may take the class at this time (online or in-person), don’t forget to pay the court and finish the class within 60 days. For more information on specific traffic school options please visit our California Traffic School main page.


Throw out the judge and throw out the incorrect verdict scheduling a brand new in-person trial with a new judge. This is called a Trial de Novo, you must file for this new “in person” trial within 20 days of receiving your verdict (TR-215 Notice of Decision). You are more than welcome to use any of the elements that we have provided in your written defense.

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