California Traffic Ticket Fines

How much is my California Traffic Ticket Fine?

The fine varies by the type of violation issued. The full list of fine amounts by violation type is detailed in the ‘Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules’, a 191 page document issued by the Judicial Council of California.

How do I know what violation type I was issued?

The violation type is always listed on the citation you were issued. However, there’s a lot of information on that citation and it’s not always easy to find the violation number on the ticket. It doesn’t matter if your ticket was issued by the CHP, LAPD, or the local Sheriff. If it’s a ticket for a Traffic Infraction, it has to follow the California Vehicle Code.

Where is the violation number on the citation?

The violation code is typically listed right in the middle of the citation. Usually, it is named ‘Code & Section’.

Sometimes the violation code has ‘VC’ or ‘CVC’ at the front, and sometimes it has those letters at the end or the numbers, but ignore the ‘VC’ and ‘CVC, it’s the other digits that are important.

Example, we see that the digits are ‘22349A’ on this violation.

Now I know the violation, what’s the fine?

To find the fine amount, you can either search through all 191 pages of the ‘Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules’ or you can use the little tool below that we built for you:

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