Welcome to Ticket Snipers (60 seconds)

Sep 2, 14

Ticket Snipers’ process is quick, easy, and effective.

This video is a quick walk through of what to expect from using ticket snipers service. It only takes five minutes for Ticket Snipers system to collect all the necessary information about your citation. You can even choose to have your citation processed in as little as 24 hours. After ticket snipers processes your traffic ticket simply drop it in the mail and wait.

At Ticket Snipers, we know how to fight a traffic ticket because that is all we do. Since 2008, we have dismissed over 10,000 violations and counting; try to find a traffic lawyer who can say that. We developed a unique set of procedures that allows us to efficiently and effectively beat any type of traffic ticket. (Efficient means saves you money!) You don’t even have to appear in court.

Even if you’re thinking, “Well, maybe I was driving too fast,” or “Hey, I did kinda do a California stop,” it doesn’t matter. At Ticket Snipers, we estimate the annual cost of a traffic violation to be well over $3000 (total cost) when factoring in fees, penalty assessments, and insurance rate hikes. You don’t want to pay that. We know the laws/loopholes as well or better than any California traffic ticket lawyer and we can help you win.
Let the pros at Ticket Snipers and not a stuffy, high-priced traffic ticket lawyer do the fighting for you. We win more than 80 percent of cases and we can win yours as well. Our company proudly offers the best guarantee in the business; if we can’t get your ticket dismissed, we’ll issue a refund. So really, the only thing you have to lose is your ticket. Begin the process by calling us at (888) 647-1120 or click on the Get Started page.

Ticket Snipers Places the POWER OF THE LAW ON YOUR SIDE

Ticket Snipers has a proven track record and wins over 85% of the time. In the occurrence that you don’t win, you get a refund and you get to either try again or attend traffic school. There isn’t anything to lose. Find out the likelihood of receiving a complete dismissal by using the Ticket Dismissal Calculator.