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Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are on the rise in California. With more freeways than any other state, California really knows how to open things up. Just like most violations, fines for a speeding ticket are some of the highest in California. With so many vehicles and so many freeways officers have no trouble issuing speeding tickets to motorists. 

Knowing the law, the speed limit for the roadway you are traveling upon, and the vehicle you are driving are just a few ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket. It doesn’t matter if you’re an out-of-state driver, officers can issue a speeding ticket to a motorist regardless of an individual’s state of residence. Unfortunately, the old “I didn’t know the speed limit” or “I was driving a new car” are not acceptable reasons for an officer or in court. 

Our team of experts have been successfully challenging speeding violations issued in California for over 10 years. Avoid those insurance wrecking points and send us a copy of your speeding ticket to determine if it can be challenged for a dismissal. 

A knowledgeable representative will reach out to discuss your case and possible options for your speeding ticket.

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