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Do I Need To Hire a Traffic
Ticket Lawyer In California?

By Ticket Snipers • May 20, 2022


Legal experts would advise any California driver to hire a lawyer if you’re facing a traffic ticket. Legal assistance can drastically increase your probability of success while  avoiding points on your permanent driving record, insurances increases and court.

Can a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Have My Ticket Dismissed?

A lawyer may be able to get a driver’s traffic ticket completely dismissed in some cases. If the situation is more serious, however, the fines linked with a driver’s traffic ticket can at least be decreased by a lawyer.

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What Should I Know about Hiring a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

Traffic tickets should always be challenged if you feel the violation has been issued in error. Traffic ticket experts have methods to successfully dismiss any type of traffic ticket issued in California.

The seriousness of the offense may dictate the severity of your sentence if you are proven guilty in court, but having an experienced traffic and criminal defense attorney or legal representation on your side will give you the best chance of success. 

When it comes to moving violations, your attorney could advocate for traffic school in order to keep any conviction off your record or lessen your punishment by establishing reasonable doubt.

The Negative Impact Of Traffic Tickets

Even if you don’t end up in jail because of a traffic ticket, it doesn’t mean the consequences aren’t severe. In California and other states, traffic violations are awarded a point value, with more serious offenses receiving a higher number of points. 

For example, reckless driving would be 2 points and a speeding violation would be 1. Driver’s licenses can be revoked or suspended in states with such a system, which typically limits how many points one can accrue at any particular moment.

When driving in states where the number of traffic fines a motorist receives is not tracked using a point system, too many violations can result in the loss of a license. If you want to keep your driver’s license and avoid having it suspended, restricted, or revoked for whatever reason, you should familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations of the state where you are driving in.

The Risk of a Rushed Hiring Process

In today’s environment, practically everyone requires the services of a lawyer. Before hiring one, you must take into consideration that anything can happen at any time, and you may want legal guidance and assistance. Who better to assist you at this time than a licensed attorney? Most people make the mistake of hiring a lawyer too soon. Hiring a lawyer too soon can cause a slew of issues and is more harmful than beneficial.

Be Wary Of Legal Fee Schedules With Reduced Billing Rates

Make sure there’s an agreement between you and your attorney as to how much money you’ll pay and what services will be supplied. When your lawyer expects fees and costs for your case to total $1,000 or more, fee agreements must be in writing.

How Much Does A Traffic Ticket Attorney Cost?

The sole “con” of engaging a traffic lawyer is the price. Of course, attorneys’ costs vary. However, in many circumstances, the expense of engaging a counsel is equal to or greater than the penalties. So what?

Hiring an attorney has a number of advantages that, in many situations, outweigh the costs. 

A legal plan via your workplace or union may also pay all or part of your legal bills. It’s an option if you can find a good lawyer this way.

Many traffic ticket attorneys charge by the hour. Attorneys often charge flat fees for minor situations that just require paperwork. Rates will vary depending on the case’s intricacy and where you live, so be careful to discuss them upfront.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help

Every case is unique, which means that what an attorney can do for you depends on the situation. Let’s go through some essentials.

An Attorney Can Go to Traffic Court For You

Expect to appear in court twice if you wish to contest a traffic ticket. If you hire a traffic attorney, you won’t have to go to court. 

That is, your lawyer will be able to represent you in court even if you are not present.

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Informed Legal Advice

The lack of expertise and legal understanding is one of the drawbacks of representing yourself. The average person has no idea what the appropriate course of action is in any particular situation. 

Experienced traffic lawyers have the finest idea of what methods and solutions are available for achieving positive outcomes. And it’s not all about the law. Mostly, attorneys who spend a lot of time in traffic court are aware of the different judges’ habits, as well as the tendencies of the law enforcement officers or police officers who write the citations. This local knowledge can help you decide how to respond to a traffic penalty.


Negotiations and plea bargaining can be used in traffic situations; however, they are more usual in major criminal cases. For example, a moving violation ticket can occasionally be reduced to a non-moving violation to save traffic penalty points.

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Traffic Court Trials

Trial-experienced traffic lawyers are significantly more likely to win at trial than the typical Joe or Jane.

As a result of their experience in the courts and extensive legal knowledge, experienced attorneys know just where to focus their attention during a trial.

Non-lawyers can easily get off track.

People defending themselves, for example, frequently give non-legal arguments for why they committed a traffic infraction (such as “I didn’t see the stop sign” or “I didn’t understand how fast I was traveling”).

In most cases, the final result is a poor defense and a conviction.

When Is It Truly Necessary To Get Help With a Traffic Ticket?

Not every traffic offense necessitates the hiring of an attorney or even the filing of a court case. Minor offenses, such as a parking ticket, specifically in California, usually result in a fee.

Other traffic offenses are more serious, and a California traffic violation lawyer can guide you through the process.

Here are certain offenses that may require the assistance of an attorney in California:

  • Tickets for speeding
  • Warrants for unpaid tickets are still outstanding.
  • Uninsured driving
  • Driving with a license that is revoked or suspended
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Accidents involving hit-and-run drivers
  • Dangerous driving
  • Leaving the site of an accident is a serious offense.
  • Violations of lane changes
  • Traffic infractions on a regular basis
  • Unpaid traffic tickets result in arrest warrants.
  • DUI

If you need to appear in court, you should speak with an attorney who can either advise you on the measures to take or represent you in court.

Situations Where It’s Critical To Get Help

The majority of persons who choose to contest their traffic citations do so in front of a judge in traffic court. Is it, however, worthwhile to hire a traffic lawyer? In most cases, it is dependent on the conditions. For many people, the cost of engaging an attorney to fight a traffic ticket is well worth it. Following are some instances in which hiring an attorney may be preferable:

You’re Commercial Drivers

Drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) work for a living and are subject to harsher regulations than other motorists. Certain traffic offenses can result in CDL revocation under these guidelines. For commercial drivers, the stakes in traffic court can be extremely high. With so much at stake, it’s logical to enlist the help of an attorney.

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Having Lots of Tickets

A driver’s license can be suspended if you get many tickets in a short period of time. For drivers in this situation, beating a ticket might mean the difference between being employed or not. In this case, hiring an attorney may be the best approach to improve your chances of winning in traffic court and having your case dismissed.

Driving Uninsured

State-specific penalties for driving uninsured vary widely, but the fines and charges imposed often exceed the cost of auto insurance.

Driving With A Revoked Or Suspended License

Driving when your license is suspended or revoked might result in felony charges. Insurance companies frequently terminate vehicle insurance plans for drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked. A complex case that could use some professional help. 

Driving With An Expired License

You are legally “unauthorized” to operate a vehicle if your drivers license has expired. Consider the following scenario: you are involved in an accident while driving with an expired license. In this instance, your insurance company may refuse to pay your claims. You may be liable for damages to other individuals and their vehicles if your insurance coverage does not apply.

Arrest Warrants For Unpaid Traffic Violations

It is highly possible that a judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest if you fail to pay or appear in court to contest a traffic ticket; thus, it is recommended that you contact an attorney.


For a first-time DUI conviction in California, the penalties typically include three years of informal probation, $390 in fines plus “penalty assessments” (totaling about $2000), and completion of a 30-hour first-offender alcohol program at the cost of about $500. This is why a lawyer might come in handy.

Are There Alternatives to Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Typically, drivers can choose from a variety of options when they receive a traffic ticket. Individual circumstances play a role in determining which alternative is better.

Ticket Snipers

At Ticket Snipers, we have a perfect alternative, as our staff has been expanding and learning how to best serve the state of California’s traffic ticket demands since 2008.

Our knowledgeable Case Development team is here to walk you through the process, answer questions, provide clarification, and provide a soothing voice on the other end of the phone.

Attorneys and legal specialists who specialize in California traffic law make up our legal team.

Their commitment to the law and understanding of their client’s unique situations enables them to craft the most effective defenses against citations.

The following are three main reasons why you should hire a legal expert/lawyer:

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Save Time

You will be able to avoid having to leave work if you hire an attorney. In almost all cases involving modest speeding citations, an attorney can appear on your behalf without you having to be there. While you may just have to wait five minutes in line, you may end up waiting three hours because that courtroom may handle upwards of 1,000 tickets on a busy day. It just depends on the number of other people who arrived at the same time as you. However, you won’t even have to take time off work if you hire a lawyer.

Get The Best Deal Possible

An attorney will be able to negotiate the best possible bargain for you, taking into account your driving record as well as any other issues the district attorney would consider, such as weather, traffic, and so on. It’s useful to know what the “typical” bargains are in each county, as well as what possibilities the district attorney’s office will consider. With the guidance of a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney, you will be in a better position to overcome these barriers and obtain the best possible outcome.

Save Money

Hiring an attorney is not as costly as it may appear. When you take in court charges and the cost of a driving record, the actual cost of hiring an attorney for a minor speeding ticket is around $200. Of course, if you were speeding over 80 miles per hour or if this is your third ticket in the last six months, the fees may be higher. However, the fees will be considerably less expensive than taking a chance and having to pay higher insurance for three years following a conviction! This is especially true if you have previously purchased multiple tickets.

Please contact us or call our Ticket Snipers offices if you have any questions about traffic attorneys and do a consultation on how to defend your vehicle against speeding citations. We, traffic ticket lawyers are available 24/7 if you’d like to chat with one of our trained consultants about speeding ticket defense.

We can help you fight your traffic ticket! Our legal team has helped erase OVER 10,000 traffic ticket cases!

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